30-day wellness journal

30-Day Wellness Tracking Journal

You understand what you eat can affect your health. 

You know that something you ate might be the reason you had that terrible night of sleep last night. Or that you look 6 months pregnant because something is causing you to be bloated.

But tell me - can you truthfully recall everything you ate, the exercise you got, the sleep quality, and your stress level 2 days ago?

Probably not, right? 

We love to think we can remember what we ate and did for the last several days, but our brains have SO much information in them that sometimes we can barely remember our names, much less these minute details.

There's a lot we don't even consciously realize we forgot.

That makes trying to figure out causes of symptoms and reactions a lot harder than it needs to be.

Enter the 30-Day Wellness Journal. 

It's a food and lifestyle tracker meant for people who really want to feel better and easily correlate reactions to food without using up valuable "brain juice".

This journal is a space where you can quickly note down the foods you ate, your movement and exercise, stress level, energy level, your sleep quality, and any symptoms you've felt throughout the day. 

wellness journal day 1
week 2

Each week reflect on key achievements for the prior week, symptoms you're still experiencing, and goals for the coming week.

At the end of the 30 days, sum up your experience and determine if you're feeling better. Trust me, this is a super powerful process, especially if certain symptoms have gone away!

30 days

This journal is great for anyone who wants to make a correlation between food and their symptoms - whether you're just starting out on a healing diet like Paleo, AIP, or Whole30 or doing AIP reintroductions.

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