Imagine Actually Looking Forward to Breakfast While on AIP!

If you're on or thinking about doing the AIP Diet but find yourself completely uninspired by the breakfast options, this book is for you.

This collection of over 80 Autoimmune Protocol-compliant recipes and ideas has been created so that you can know exactly what to eat while on AIP without sacrificing flavor or precious time in the mornings.

Upgrade your breakfasts now!
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Recipes For Every Situation

Lazy Weekend Meals

These are for when you have some time to cook a delectable meal that won't leave you feeling resentful of what everyone else is eating. BUT - also learn how to make extras of many of these meals to easily have a quick breakfast whenever you need one.

Warming Bowls

Miss your morning oatmeal? No problem, there are several compliant options that you can serve either warm or cold and that will become your new faves. Plus there's a huge list of AIP-compliant breakfast topping ideas to customize the bowls each day.

Fast Weekday Meals

Wouldn't it be great if you had hours each day to lazily make breakfast? Ha! Who really has that? Instead you're probably scrambling to get ready, feed the kids, the dogs, and get everyone out the door. There are many meal ideas and recipes for this stressful time too!

Tons of Meal Ideas

Recipes can be great. But when you don't know what to serve with a recipe or how to put a few together to make a meal, it can be stressful and you wind up eating the same boring thing over and over again. That's why there are several meal ideas in this book too - the pairing is done FOR you.

Breakfast stressful and boring?

Why is it that AIP can be such an amazing, healing diet, but just the idea of breakfast can be so stressful that you wonder if you're doing more harm than good trying to figure it out? Plus, let's face it - it can just be downright BORING and uninspired.

But it doesn't have to be.

I believe that breakfast on AIP can not only be incredibly delicious and flavorful, but it can also be made in a way that doesn't leave you even more stressed out each morning than when you started.

That's why I created the AIP Breakfasts Book. I want you to be able to get all of the benefits of a healing diet like AIP while actually enjoying it.

I want to enjoy my breakfasts on AIP!!

See how to make the recipes

I purposely made this an e-book so that it could be interactive - you can view this on your mobile device, tablet, or computer and easily jump between the table of contents and recipes.

Plus many of the recipes include links to videos where I show how to make the recipe and how to meal prep for the week and/or freeze for later.

No more left wondering if you're making something "correctly."

Intolerances beyond AIP?

If you have food intolerances beyond the foods already eliminated by AIP, no problem. There are many substitution ideas for each recipe so you have ideas of how to proceed.

Some common substitutions addressed:

  • Coconut-free (95% of the recipes are or can be made coconut-free!)
  • Pork-free
  • Sweet Potato, Apple, and Carrot alternatives

Prepare when YOU have time

The majority of the recipes include instructions on how to make the dish earlier in the week and eat later and/or freeze for a later time.

Freezing is one of the BEST techniques for saving time later - if you can make extra of an item when cooking it and freeze the rest for later, you'll have that available to just take out and reheat when you need it! It's like AIP fast food and it's such a lifesaver.

Know what to do with the recipes

Recipes often look great on their own, but when you're left wondering, "Um, what do I serve with it to make it a meal?" you're no better off than when you started.

So to counteract this, there are several full meal ideas in this book, giving you the inspiration and guidance you need on how to take a recipe or two (and maybe some fresh ingredients) and turn them into a full, satisfying meal.

AIP tigernut granola bowl

The right breakfast doesn't just stop your hunger in the morning, it also:

  • Can set your mood for the day. A boring, terrible breakfast can leave you grumpy
  • Stops resentment of what others around you are eating. Who wants that?
  • Keeps you happy and motivated to be healing your body with natural methods
  • Nourishes your body with the nutrients it needs

Are you ready?

Get off the "I'm SO bored with my breakfast" train and start LOVING your breakfasts while on AIP.


Plus receive this amazing bonus Meal Prep Companion Guide!

The AIP Breakfasts Meal Prep Companion Guide ($20 value) is an extremely helpful supplement to the AIP Breakfasts Book that will help you save so much time meal planning!

Easily see, in a visual format:

  • which dishes are freezable
  • which dishes can be made for the week (and how long they keep)
  • which dishes you can keep even longer in your pantry or fridge.

You'll also get instructions in both text and video format on how to best freeze the dishes so that you can build a freezer stash of AIP-friendly foods that can be reheated at a moment's notice.

Praise for the AIP Breakfasts Book

"I’m so glad I found you! Purchased your AIP Breakfast book and I LOVE IT!!!! Newly diagnosed Graves’ disease so hire a god-send. Thank you for helping others!"

Terrie P.

"Just wanted to share with you that I made the crispy waffle recipe today and I love it. Easy, quick and very tasty."

Makaylaa P.

"I have been feeling particularly down and uninspired lately with a lack of choices on AIP. So I honestly cannot thank you enough from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to provide so much helpful information in such a very clear and easy way that has made me excited to do this diet again! This is completely invaluable!!! It's been a pleasure looking through it."

Sara J.

"This book is a lifesaver. I was really struggling with breakfast ideas and watching and smelling my husband eat his cheese and egg sandwich right in front of me each day was really wearing me down. Now breakfast is enjoyable for me again and it isn't a huge battle of willpower against the melty cheese."

Debra C.

aip hash
AIP coconut yogurt
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AIP muffins

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this book delivered?

AIP Breakfasts Book is a PDF download. Upon purchasing you'll have the opportunity to download the book instantly. Plus a copy will also be emailed to you for future reference. Because it is in PDF format, you can view it (and interact with the special features!) on a computer, tablet, or smartphone, or you can print it out on your own if you'd like a hard copy.

What version of the AIP Diet is this for?

I've written this for the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol, which is the version of the AIP Diet by Dr. Sarah Ballantyne. However, unless you're also avoiding natural sugars like maple syrup or honey, everything is also compliant for the other versions as well (like the one by Dr. Amy Myers).

Is there a refund policy?

Yes. I know you'll find tons of inspiration, delicious recipes, and useful ideas in this book, but I also want you to feel safe in purchasing. So if you’re not satisfied with the book, you can email us within 30 days of purchasing to request a full refund.

AIP flours can be expensive. Do a lot of the recipes require them?

Most of the recipes in this book do not require them. The baked goods, pancakes, and waffles, however, do require flours, but these should be considered a treat and only consumed a few times a month if you really want to heal quickly. Therefore you may find it'd be worth spending the money for a treat a few times a month if it keeps you motivated to continue. However, I did try to write most of these recipes with cost in mind, so there are alternatives for some of the harder-to-find and expensive flour-based recipes and the other recipes don't use any hard-to-find ingredients. 

What is AIP?

The AIP Diet (Autoimmune Protocol) is a temporary healing elimination and reintroduction strategy specifically for those with autoimmune disease. The main idea of the diet is to remove foods proven by scientific studies to commonly be problematic for those with autoimmune disease, then add in nutrient-dense foods that will help replenish your body and allow you to heal (which means relief from your symptoms!). In the end, you’ve got a highly customized diet that works best for YOU.

All of these recipes are free from:

  • gluten
  • grains
  • dairy
  • eggs
  • nuts
  • seeds
  • nightshades
  • processed sugars 

What if I have questions or need support?

If you have questions - whether prior to buying or after - you can always email me at and I'd be happy to respond.

Ready to take your AIP breakfasts to the next level?

Perhaps you're ok with spending endless hours on the internet finding recipes that just might not work or even be any good.

Perhaps you're ok with a lack of inspiration for meals making you resent being on a healing diet, and this resentment turns to frustration, which might lead to you giving up.

Where will you be in six months if you give up? And how will you get there if you're already bored right now?

This is your chance to get that excitement back and have tons of really delicious-looking and tasting recipes at your fingertips. Grab your copy of The AIP Breakfasts Book today!