Does it feel like cooking for your healing diet is your full-time job? Not sure how you'll ever feel better because it's SO. MUCH. WORK? What if there was a better way?

Get My Proven System to Make Cooking EASY (Yet Still So Delicious)

What if you could...

  • Make a week's worth of meals in an hour
  • LOVE the food you eat and get the quality of your life back
  • Have peace of mind that you always have a variety of compliant food in your pantry, fridge, and freezer

Tell me more!

You know that...

the food you eat is a MAJOR contributor to reducing chronic inflammation, healing your gut, reversing your autoimmune disease, and preventing flare-ups...

There's only one problem:

Most recipes you find online take way too long to prepare and most meal plans are time-consuming, boring, and repetitive. How do you expect to stick to your diet if it doesn't fit in your busy schedule?

If you’re like me you’ve gotten excited by the promises of how changing your diet can help you feel great and stop your autoimmune symptoms. Yet, when you actually start eating this way you quickly realize how much time is required to keep up with it. 

Maybe you found recipes online or in a cookbook that look good and inspire you, but found they take upwards of 45 minutes to make! That can be fun once in a while, but it’s not sustainable if you have a busy life, symptoms to manage, and little energy left…..

And most done-for-you meal plans include dishes you don't like and aren't optimized for your time and effort in the kitchen. Sure, you get recipes for compliant meals without having to think about it, but by the time you finish making them, you're so exhausted you just want to pass out on the couch.

It’s so easy to become defeated and think, “I’ll never be able to keep up - so what’s the point?”

The good news is that there is an easier way.

By utilizing simple meal prep techniques, you can significantly cut down on the amount of time and energy you spend in the kitchen yet still have incredibly delicious meals that fit within your healing diet.

"When I utilize your website, it calms me down because I don’t have to really think about what I’m going to eat."

- Aimee K are the "Big Secrets" to successful easy cooking...


Always try to cook once for multiple meals. Cooking every single meal from scratch is where most people get burnt out. If you can make several servings for a dish or component of a dish, eat some now, and save the rest for later, the time and energy saved really adds up!


Meals can be frozen BEFORE cooking. Ever heard of dump-and-go freezer cooking? You chop, dice, and prep vegetables, proteins, herbs, and spices for a meal, put them all into a bag and throw in your freezer. You don't actually COOK the meals until you want to eat them - and even then, it's typically just dumping them into a slow cooker. You can easily get 5-7 meals prepped in an hour this way, which gives you SO MUCH peace of mind that there are meals in your freezer waiting for you.


You'll save time by cooking dishes in the correct order. When you meal prep, make sure to start the recipes that take the longest first, and then save the more hands-on type recipes for when other things are simmering or roasting in the oven. This way you get way more done in the same amount of time. And it also helps to order it in a way that you don't even have to wash the pots and bowls in between - just using them again since the recipes are similar can save a lot of time as well.


Store meal components in your freezer. Stop thinking of only freezing complete meals. You can freeze components instead and then have an endless variety of meals to mix-and-match at your fingertips. A sauce + a protein + a side can be made quite differently the next night by using a different sauce + same protein + different side, etc. You'll never say you're bored with your meals again by doing this!


Use easy techniques for cooking. Keeping track of 3 different pots on a stove takes up quite a bit of brain power (which sucks when you're already suffering from brain fog), not to mention drains your energy. But if instead you just chop up some veggies, toss them on a sheet pan with a protein and seasonings, and then throw that in the oven for 30 minutes? You can sit and rest while your meal cooks!

Maybe you're looking at this and saying "Yeah, this is great, but I don't have the time to figure out how to do these."...

... or you're feeling frustrated because you have tried to find recipes that work for these but it takes so much time! (and you get lost down the Pinterest rabbit hole, wasting hours)

... or you've tried to do this with recipes and they come out a disgusting, freezer-burned, tasteless mess. Time, energy, and money wasted.

Here's the uncomfortable truth: You'll ALWAYS struggle with spending too much time (and money) in the kitchen unless you have recipes and meal prep instructions that have been specially designed and tested to be easy, save time, and work well.

But once you get those? Cooking for your health becomes infinitely easier.

Especially when you combine several techniques together!

You DESERVE to get time back and never feel like you’re compromising your diet when you’re busy

If you want the peace of mind that you have healing food ready to go without spending excessive hours of your life to make it, you need recipes and plans designed for efficiency.


Prep & Reset

Simple Paleo & AIP meal prep plans and recipes to help you stick to your healing diet and stop symptoms without spending hours in the kitchen each day

Here's exactly what you're getting: 👇

Hundreds of Delicious, Easy Recipes:

  • Compliant for the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP Diet), AIP Reintroductions Stages 1- 4, and Paleo Diets
  • You'll know what to make on a crazy weeknight
  • But you'll also know what to bring to a fancy holiday dinner - that everyone will LOVE (and ask for the recipe)
  • Video demos for many recipes
  • Easily filter to find exactly what you need (You need a dinner recipe... made with beef... cooked in the oven? Bingo! Lots of options to choose from)

Step-by-Step Meal Prep Guides:

  • The most effective way to meal prep ➡️ everything has been meticulously planned and tested to make sure you spend as little time in the kitchen as possible
  • See how to use a few key dishes to easily make varied meals for the week
  • Follow the detailed, brain-fog-approved instructions to get your freezer stocked
  • Video demos for each, showing the process
  • Printable PDF guides including shopping lists

Dump-and-Go Freezer Meal Plans:

  • The most time- and money-saving method of prepping for future dinners!
  • Prep 7 meals in an hour to store in your freezer
  • No cooking is needed before freezing, simply chop and put into a bag!
  • Most recipes also have multiple cooking methods that you can choose from - slow cooker, Instant Pot, pot on the stove, or pan in the oven.
  • Save money by shopping for ingredients when they are on sale and then freezing them for when you need them
  • A shopping list included for each plan
  • Printable labels are also included to make it super easy! No more unidentifiable bags in your freezer 😳

Done-for-you meal plans:

  • In case you DO have a week where it's going to be crazy and you just want a plan laid out for you, you get access to several done-for-you 5- and 7- day meal plans. There are several compliant for AIP and several for Paleo
  • Shopping Lists are included for each

Getting Started with Meal Prep Course, How to Use Freezer Cooking To Get Back Your Time Course, and Knife Skills Courses

In these value-packed courses you'll:

  • Discover the many types of meal prep - there are probably far more than you even knew!
  • Also learn which techniques are best for you and your lifestyle/schedule
  • The best way to start meal prepping
  • Tools you need (and tools that are not necessary)
  • How to freezer cook without wasting food, getting freezer-burned food, and giving yourself food poisoning
  • Learn the best way to slice, dice, and cut several common ingredients to save time (and your fingers)

ALL of my Recipe eBooks!!

  • Beautifully designed, these eBooks can be a wonderful source of inspiration to flip through
  • Get targeted recipes for breakfasts, holidays, easy meals, desserts, snacks, and more
  • This INCLUDES:
  • The popular AIP Breakfasts book, which retails for $24.99!
  • AND the AIP Holidays book, which retails for $14.99
  • AND the Freezer Meal Book, which retails for $14.99
  • AND the Soup Meal Prep Book, which retails for $9.99
  • (there's over $150 worth of eBooks included!!!)

"The recipes and videos were very informative and supportive when you’re so overwhelmed"

- Janet R

"The hundreds of easy, make-ahead recipes, the tips, and ideas have made it possible for me to have compliant meals even when I am too tired or weak to cook"

- Beth E.

Plus you're also getting these exclusive bonuses! (worth over $670)!

Overcoming Common AIP Struggles Masterclass ($197 value)

  • Learn what causes people to struggle doing the AIP Diet and how to avoid these issues
  • Get actionable tips to avoid or overcome them so that you can sail through AIP with ease

You Can Do AIP Challenge VIP ($79 value)

  • Get year-round access to my popular AIP meal prep challenge so that you can do it at any time
  • 5-min Qi Gong workouts each day to relax and recharge
  • Learn how to achieve your goals with a powerful lesson, meditation, and journal to help your habits stick
  • Get a 5-Day Meal plan that corresponds to the dishes you make in the challenge

Healing Holidays Masterclass ($197 value)

In this value-packed masterclass you'll learn:

  • How to successfully navigate the holidays while eating a healing diet (whether you're AIP, Paleo, or gluten-free)
  • What to make so everyone will love the food, no matter what diet they eat
  • What to bring to others' houses
  • The best ways to avoid temptation
  • ... and more

Doing Paleo or AIP When Your Family Isn't Masterclass ($197 value)

In this value-packed masterclass you'll learn how to:

✅ make only one protein and still satisfy everyone (with meal examples)

✅ use simple tricks to get even the pickiest of kids to gobble up the same dishes you're eating

✅ have nights where you don't have to cook ANYTHING from scratch

✅ meal prep for both you and your family at the same time - without any extra work

✅ avoid several huge mistakes people make when feeding their family healthy food

Total value: $2097

You get it ALL for just $197*

*or choose one of the payment plans and pay 3x easy installments of $74 or

6x easy installments of $39


Imagine how it would feel not to worry about having meals you can eat

  • Go to your freezer and take out several different components, quickly reheat them, and eat a delicious, filling, and satisfying meal
  • Know that you can just pull a meal out of your freezer for that really busy night this week
  • Feel confident in your ability to meal prep just enough to help you save a ton of time, but still conserve your precious energy
  • Have plenty of easy, quick meal ideas at your fingertips (that even your family will love)
  • Enjoy peace of mind that the meals you have ready to go are also helping your gut to heal and your symptoms to subside

Want to see a sneak peek inside? ➡️

"Your recipes are great. Down to earth. I have a family. I don’t always have the fancy ingredients kind of style. Freezer dump meals!!! I’m not nearly as stressed about dinner. I have 3 of your meals in the freezer right now in the event I’m not wanting to cook something different one night"

- Debbie W

Is Prep & Reset right for you?

Prep & Reset IS for you if:

✅ You are doing a grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free diet like Paleo or AIP

✅ You want to make things a lot easier than they are now for you to cook compliant meals

✅ You are excited about using food as a powerful tool to get your health back

This is NOT for you if:

❌ You don't want to cook at all (you'd be better off getting pre-prepped food)

❌ You need a low-FODMAP or low-Histamine diet on top of a Paleo or AIP diet. There are recipes that are compliant for those, but they aren't specified nor plentiful

❌ You are on a vegetarian or vegan diet (I don't recommend combining these with Paleo or AIP)

Hi, I'm Michele!

In 2014, after a long downhill trend with my two autoimmune diseases, Hashimoto’s and Celiac, I wound up so exhausted that I could barely get off the couch to play with my kids, be a useful, contributing employee at work because my brain fog was so bad, and just enjoy life. I suffered from a myriad of other unpleasant symptoms and was scared that I was going to get stuck like that for the rest of my life. I had completely forgotten what “normal” felt like.

My doctor had basically given up on me, telling me that it probably was all in my head because the thyroid medication he had me on was “literally the only thing that would work.”

Not being satisfied with that answer nor with my quality of life – I searched until I found the Autoimmune Protocol.

Not going to lie…. it was hard.

Back then there were hardly ANY recipes available. I missed bread, Starbucks, eggs, and cheese like no one’s business, and I felt like cooking for it was my full-time job.

Yet after only a few short weeks I had amazing results, so I stuck with it and wound up feeling better than I had in over 15 years!

Ever since I've obsessed over creating recipes and making the whole thing easier so that everyone can enjoy the same amazing transformation that I did.

Michele Spring jumping

To recap, here's what you get with Prep & Reset:

Make meal time while on a healing diet EASY:

  • Hundreds of Delicious, Easy Recipes: Simple yet delightful autoimmune-friendly meals that you'll LOVE
  • Step-by-step Meal Prep Plans: Get your fridge, freezer, and pantry stocked up with a wide variety of foods. No more boredom or mealtime stress!
  • Dump-and-go Freezer Meal Plans: Follow these to easily prep and freeze up to 7 meals in an hour - without cooking.
  • Meal Prep, Freezer Cooking, and Knife Skills Courses: The BEST way for you to meal prep and safely freeze so you don't waste any food
  • Done-for-you Meal Plans: Use these on a busy week so you don't have to think about what to eat
  • eBooks: Get inspiration and tons of focused recipe ideas
  • BONUS # 1 - Overcoming Common AIP Struggles Masterclass ($197 value) - Get actionable tips to avoid common struggles so that you can sail through AIP with ease
  • BONUS #2 - You Can Do AIP Challenge VIP Access ($79 value) - Get year-round access to this popular meal prep challenge + a daily 5-minute qi gong workout and Goal Achieving workshop
  • BONUS #3 - Healing Holidays Masterclass ($197 value) - Rock the holidays without getting tempted to eat something that will make you feel terrible, learn how to travel without starving, and know just what to make for others that EVERYONE will love
  • BONUS #4 - Doing AIP or Paleo When Your Family Isn't Masterclass ($197 value) - Learn how to easily cook for your family without having to cook 2 separate meals - and where everyone enjoys their food!

Total value: $2097

You get it ALL for Just $197*

*or choose one of the payment plans and pay 3x easy installments of $74 or

6x easy installments of $39

"I look forward to using your autoimmune meal prep and recipes in the days, months, and years to come.  The recipes are great and your information is so helpful at a time when things can get very overwhelming." - Karen R.

Questions people ask before saying "YES!!" to making their cooking SO MUCH easier

Who is this for?

This is made for anyone who is on a Paleo diet, the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP Diet), or any of the AIP Reintroduction phases and want to save time, cut down on their grocery bill, and spend more time doing what they love instead of slaving away in the kitchen.

How soon can I start?

Yay! I love your go-getter vibe! As soon as you sign up you have instant access to all of the guides, videos, and bonuses! Enroll now and you could be putting items onto your shopping list within 10 minutes and be ready to prep your first dishes tonight!

Is there any live support?

No, Prep & Reset is an on-demand self-study resource at the moment. If this changes, you will get full access to any future live aspects specifically for Prep & Reset.

What am I getting once I purchase?

You get instant access to the meal prep step-by-step guides, Getting Started With Meal Prep course, How to Get Your Time Back with Freezer Cooking course, Knife Skills course, Paleo and AIP recipe vault, dump-and-go freezer meal plans, eBooks, and bonuses. You also get all updates to the program.

How do I know if the recipes are any good?

I have hundreds of satisfied customers that say things like “I made Michele’s Thai Chicken Soup for dinner tonight. Added baby bella mushrooms because I had some on hand and it sounded good, but otherwise I stuck to the recipe exactly. I highly recommend this soup. It’s so savory and satisfying. Even my 3 yr old ate it up and drank the yummy broth.”


and “My favorite breakfast is Michele’s Parfaits. They make me look forward to breakfast again!” 

But I also am a food-lover who has been eating a mostly Paleo diet (and the AIP diet during parts of that) for over 10 years and developing recipes that whole time, so I know what works and doesn’t and know all the tricks for getting flavor from the ingredients available.

I really don’t have time or energy to cook (or have really bad brain fog) - do you have any options to help me?

The step-by-step meal prep plans and the dump-and-go meal plans have been created so that those with very little time and energy can accomplish them. They're meant to SAVE you a ton of time. They’ve also been designed with the knowledge that you may be suffering from brain fog - so they’re easy to read and comprehend.

However – if you really cannot do it, they’ve been written in a way that you could hire a local high school or college student, or even a stay-at-home mom looking to do something while her kids are at school, to cook these for you for just a few hours. These inexpensive options would get delicious Paleo or AIP-compliant food in your fridge, pantry, and freezer, and help them out as well!

I'm on a low-fodmap or low-histamine diet. Are there recipes for me?

While there are recipes that would adhere to these further restrictions, there are no indicators letting you know if they are suitable for these diets. Therefore this may not be the best solution for you.

I can't tolerate coconut. Do you have coconut-free recipes?

Yes! I've been creating recipes for the Autoimmune Protocol for 9 years now, so I am WELL familiar with how many people can't tolerate coconut. Yet I also know how many recipes out there are coconutty. Therefore I started being super aware of this and the majority of my recipes are either coconut-free or have instructions on how to easily substitute for coconut if necessary.

I already have a meal plan membership. How is this different?

Most meal plan memberships offer you done-for-you meal plans that tell you what meals to eat and give you recipes for each. However, they typically aren’t focused on saving you time, and most are cook from scratch for each meal. So while the thinking has been done for you, significant time is still needed to prep and cook the meals - at every single meal time. Many people have found them to be extremely difficult when dealing with a family or low energy. Plus, if you don’t like or don’t want one or more of the meals suggested, it can be quite discouraging.

These plans are meant to be done when you have time and energy so that you can save the dishes for those times when you do NOT have time or energy. And as you work through more sessions, you’ll have even more variety to choose from at meal times, so you can have an endless combination of foods to create a tasty meal in minutes.

I can get recipes for free online or in support groups. Why should I pay for Prep & Reset?

For sure there are a lot of recipes out there - I have a lot on my free Thriving Autoimmune website too! But step-by-step meal prepping guides? Dump-and-go freezer meal plans? Recipes specifically designed to be frozen? Those you'll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. Those are the big time, energy, and money savers. The recipes you find online are the ones that will most likely take up a lot more of your time and energy. And with P&R, all of the recipes are in one place, most with demo videos, no ads, and more are added all the time.

Plus you get ALL of my ebooks for sale in my shop AND the bonus masterclasses, which people have raved about and said made all the difference in their AIP journey.

How long do I have access to the resources within Prep & Reset?

You get Lifetime access, so there's no rush to use them and they'll be there for you when you feel the need to get ahead by meal prepping or to find some inspiration for your next meal. Plus you'll get any and all updates to Prep & Reset.